Cas Mudde: ‘Trump normalised the far right by simply holding that position of President of the United States’

What are the possible outcomes of the US elections for Europe ? How much is Biden’s election a blow to European far right parties and to countries led by populists parties ?  

Cas Mudde, one of the most recognised world expert on the far right and radical movements and Professor at the school of Public and International Affairs at the University of  Georgia (United States), answered our questions as well as our audience’s ones and gave us his analysis and insights on the future in an exclusive talk online with Voxeurop’s members last 12 November.

For those who missed it, you will find here a selection of three best moments of this talk. You can also read our interview with him about his latest book The Far right today (2019), which gives an exhaustive overview of the contemporary far right movements. 

Part #2: What should Democrats do to heal the US after 4 years of Trump administration? And is it even possible? 

Part #3:What are the consequences of Biden’s election for democratic erosion in Europe and more generally around the world, and on authoritarian leaders?

A book and a podcast

In his latest book, The Far Right Today (Polity Press, 2019), Dutch political scientist and right-wing expert Cas Mudde explains the rise of nationalist, reactionary and far-right in Europe and the US, and “gives an accessible account of the history and ideology of the far right as we know it today, as well as the causes and consequences of its mobilisation”, as Katherine Williams puts it.

Mudde recently launched his own podcast show, Radikaal, which focuses on “the radical aspects of music, politics & sports”.

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