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A wade through the swamp of Europe’s conspiracy culture

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Almost everyone seems to be represented: anti-vaccine activists, QAnon, right-wing populists, believers in a global “Deep State”, herbal-medicine advocates, as well as business leaders and the unemployed. What they have in common is a scepticism about the official discourse on the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as a certain porosity with far-right groupings.

Conspiracy theories and disinformation
  1. Right in the heart of Europe, a secret and influential disinformation network does Delhi’s dirty work
  2. A very Italian salsa of populism and conspiracy theories
  3. QAnon comes to Europe

In the background, explanatory ingredients can be discerned: a weakening of the socio-economic fabric, digital platforms that are quick to spread contestatory ideas, and upcoming elections. Conspirationists are a heterogeneous group whose rising power – with its potential for violence – worries Europe’s intelligence services. Their theories have gone viral and become the focus for incipient communities. The fear is that they will also destabilize democracy across Europe.

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