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The winners of the Libex 2020 competition

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The three winners of the Libex 2020 satirical cartoon competition for freedom of expression were announced on 26 September at the Lectorinfabula festival in Conversano (Italy) – of which Voxeurop is a partner.

The first prize goes to the Italian cartoonist Marilena Nardi. The second prize went to the Albanian Agim Sulaj and the third to the Dutchman Joep Bertrams.

The prize is a reminder that freedom of expression, like other fundamental rights, is not guaranteed forever. Several French media have also reminded of this recently, as the trial of the accomplices of the perpetrators of the January 2015 attacks against Charlie Hebdo is taking place in Paris.

Agim Sulaj, second.
Joep Bertrams, third.

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