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Brexit as a podcast: Cutting through the fog in the Channel

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In his weekly podcast “Fog in the Channel”, European journalist Stefan de Vries looks at how the Continent will survive isolation as the UK sets sail.

Gian-Paolo Accardo for VoxEurop

If you are interested in the excruciating process that is bringing Britain out of the European Union from a non-institutional or EU perspective and you are fond of podcasts, you need to listen to “Fog in the Channel”. VoxEurop‘s long time friend and occasional contributor Stefan de Vries talks to “shopkeepers, grief counselors, academics, bankers, wankers, relationship advisors, journalists and other interesting people all over Europe trying to find an answer to how we, Europeans are going to survive without our perfidious neighbours across the North Sea.”

Launched exactly six months before the scheduled date for Brexit (29 March 2019), “Fog in the Channel” typically features a summary of the week’s latest news on Brexit, as well as at least three interviews with as many people involved in a way or the other in the Brexit process – whatever the side they are on – or who have a stake in it. Ranging from EU Supergirl Madeleina Key to multi-language speaker Alex Rawlings, and from Dutch hit author Joris Luyendijk to Polish researcher Agata Gostynska-Jakubovsk, Stefan’s hosts provide a fresh and sometimes surprising view on the biggest challenge the EU is facing since the 2004 enlargement.

Listen to “Fog in the Channel” on Spreaker.

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