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Russia to launch a massive offensive, warns EU’s Borrell

Russia to launch a massive offensive, warns EU’s Borrell

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“It is clear that Russia is going to launch a massive offensive,” EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell said in an interview published Friday, adding that “Europe will be in danger” if Russia wins the war “because Putin is not going to stop there.”

“We know from the satellites surrounding Ukraine that it [Russia] has mobilized its strategic aviation at the airfields,” Borrell told Spanish newspaper El Periodico.

“As soon as the weather conditions allow it, it [Russia] will continue with the offensive that it has already started. But she will do it with greater intensity,” Borrell said. “Ukraine is part of the West and Putin wants to take it away from us.”

In the interview, Borrell also argued that Europe could have reacted quicker in its response to the war. “Probably we would have done better if, instead of spending three months discussing whether or not to send Leopard tanks, they had sent them earlier.”

“But that is Europe, its response is gradual,” he added.

Borrell also expressed concerns about China’s role in the conflict.

“China assures that it has not delivered weapons to Russia, nor will it do so because its foreign policy philosophy is not to arm countries in conflict. We will be vigilant to see if that is the case.”

Since the conflict started exactly one year ago, the European Union has managed to put together nine rounds of sanctions against Russia, despite the reluctance of some EU countries. A 10th package has yet to be passed by the one-year anniversary of the invasion.

“Not all European countries see war in the same way. There is a country that is very skeptical about the consequences of the sanctions, as it believes that they have no effect,” Borrell said in a clear reference to Hungary. “I do not share this analysis — but that country has voted on all the proposals.”

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