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Restaurant review: Tigermilk

Restaurant review: Tigermilk

by host

Rue du Bailli 46

What’s good: The drinks are great, balanced and delightful. We heartily recommend the Margarita Azteca. The food presentation also impresses, served on trendy dishware with beautiful colors corresponding to ingredients included in the food.

For a starter, the guacamole is a good choice — but don’t go for guacamole caliente, as no spice is added. And pace yourself with it, the dip is served with a hearty bowl of tortilla chips.

What’s not: The tacos. The carnitas, carefully cooked for 11 hours, seemed like an obvious choice. But they were lukewarm and flavorless, and the tortilla too crispy.

The Tigermilk ceviche comes with fresh pollock coated in a coconut milk sauce accompanied by pomegranate, cilantro and mango. It’s a creative undertaking that, regardless, doesn’t quite deliver.

For vegetarian and vegan diners, the main course options are limited. We tried the Frida Calor, but this bold dish also didn’t meet expectations. The feta cheese is a nice touch — and a necessary escape from the lackluster experiment on the plate.

Vibe: A gorgeous interior full of minimalist line drawings, and classic and comfortable brasserie chair and table sets. The stylish floral elements that line the restaurant’s walls are a delightful touch.

Spotted: Tigermilk patrons skew quite young, probably due to the restaurant’s fame on TikTok — and Instagram-able interior. You’re unlikely to run into many EU lanyards at this spot, even on a busy evening.

Who’s picking up the check: Look out! The restaurant offers fairly steep prices despite minimalist portion sizes.

Fun fact: Tigermilk started in France, with four locations in Paris and one in Lille, before heading east to open its Brussels branch.

How to get there: Stroll out of the EU bubble through Ixelles until you reach Avenue Louise. Then head down toward Rue du Bailli and it’s just up the street, a couple doors along from coffee spot Cup 28°.

— Review published on May 17, 2023. Illustration by Dato Parulava/POLITICO

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