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Restaurant review: L’Horloge du Sud

Restaurant review: L’Horloge du Sud

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Rue du Trône 141

What’s good? For starters, Sénégalaise inspired pastels are a great option, quick out of the kitchen with a crispy exterior, packed with fish and vegetables. The drink menu features Belgian beers, French wines and a rotating chalkboard menu of cocktails. The Malian-inspired vegetarian dish features wok-fried eggplants, carrots, green beans and zucchini with cassava couscous. It is both immensely flavorful and delicate. If you’re looking for a good stew, the Angolan moqueca (fish stew) comes served with shrimp that complement its thick and juicy broth. Pair either with a side of plantains or sweet potatoes. 

What’s not? The Dibi is disappointing. While the lamb — or whatever meat you choose — is juicy and carefully cooked, it is drizzled with an underwhelmingly bland sauce. The dish also comes served with a dejected-looking salad.

Vibe: From murals to photography, the art gives the space a refined feel while maintaining the charming and traditional dining room. 

Who’s picking up the check? This spot provides great value for money. An appetizer, main course with a side and a drink will set you back around €25. Feeling hungry? Prepare to pay around €35-€50.

Insider tip: Stick to the bananas. In addition to the side of plantains, you can get a seasonal l’alloco cocktail, which uses plantains as its main ingredient. Follow your meal with a delicious banana flambé with Caribbean rum with a scoop of ice cream.

Fun fact: In addition to its role as a restaurant, L’Horloge du Sud touts itself as a cultural hub. It regularly hosts conferences, lecture series, exhibitions and concerts. It’s also worked with Ixelles on projects to “beautify the neighborhood.”

How to get there: We recommend a stroll through Jardin des citoyens before heading south on the narrow street of Rue Vautier. Take a right on Chausée de Wavre, window-shopping in the small stores, until the African diner appears.

— Review published on February 16, 2023. Illustration by Dato Parulava for POLITICO.

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