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Restaurant review: Gazzetta

Restaurant review: Gazzetta

by host

Rue de la Longue Haie 12

What’s good? The menu is small, with some reliable staples and a few surprise dishes. There are three variations on pasta to choose from: a pasta of the day, a simple tomato-basil pasta, or the speciale — a more elaborate dish that typically includes meat or fish (recently: swordfish with pesto). You can also feast on any combination of appetizers — read: cheeses — or opt for a delicious carne alla griglia, served rare with a side of vegetables.

What’s not? You can’t make a reservation, so it can be a bit of a gamble. Plan to come early or be ready to wait around a little. If you’re unlucky, or in a rush, the residential street doesn’t offer up any immediate consolation prizes.

Vibe: The space is modern and welcoming, with dim lighting, high tables and a view into the open kitchen. Waiters are exceptionally friendly, and service is quick. There’s no music, just the hubbub of conversation and the clanking of pots and pans. 

Who’s picking up the check? Pastas range between €15.50 for the simple tomato-basil (you can top it with a giant piece of mozzarella for €6) and €23 for the speciale. Appetizers will set you back between €13 and €20, and the desserts come in around €8. With a nice glass of wine (or two), the bill tends to hit €80-€90 for two people.

Spotted: It’s a popular spot among the Ixelles crowd, even if it’s a little off the beaten track. Most of the tables are set for two, and you’ll see lots of couples on dates. But the vibe is casual and there’ll typically be a group of friends sipping wine and sharing plates of mozzarella di Buffala at the larger table behind the waiter’s station.

Insider tip: If you’re alone or a party of two, grab one of the stools at the counter and watch the chef in action.

Fun fact: They also serve gluten-free pasta if, like me, you’re one of the afflicted.

How to get there: Hop off the tram at Place Stephanie or take the metro to Louise; it’s a short five to 10-minute walk from there. Also within walking distance of Place Fernand Cocq. 

— Review published on November 9, 2023. Illustration by Dato Parulava for POLITICO.

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