More than 20 of Putin’s allies fight back against EU sanctions

More than 20 businessmen, politicians and other individuals connected to the Kremlin are suing the Council of the EU after having been sanctioned following the invasion of Ukraine, court filings show.

Among them is Roman Abramovich, former owner of the Chelsea football club, who was sanctioned in March for allegedly benefiting from his close ties to President Vladimir Putin.

It’s not the first time oligarchs have taken the EU to court over sanctions — and many have won their legal battles in the past. For example, the court sided with Viktor Yanukovych, former Ukrainian president who courted Russia for years, in 2019.

The complaints were filed at the EU’s General Court, the bloc’s second highest tribunal, according to official documents.

More cases are likely to follow, with the EU having imposed asset freezes and travel bans on more than 1,100 people and more than 80 companies and entities. Proceedings are likely to last months, if not years.

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