Satire: Completion of Berlin Airport in Sight

Deadlines for the completion of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport are finally available.

According to the German online magazine Postillon, an external study conducted by the Forschungsinstitut Steuergeldverschwendung concluded that the opening date of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport can be expected to be postponed by two years annually. The overall cost of the airport will therefore be increased by approximately two euros per euro invested.

Scientists derived a formula to calculate the year of the expected completion in any given year: (Current Year – 2012) x 2 + 2012 = opening date

The airport company FBB intends to call for additional investments to accelerate the construction. The time needed to postpone the opening date by two years could then be reduced from one year to nine or maybe even eight months.

Photo: Robert Aehnelt – Eigenes Werk. Lizenziert unter CC BY-SA 3.0 über Wikimedia Commons.

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