Ukraine: ‘Uprising for Europe’ | European news, cartoons and press reviews

“Several hundred thousand people demonstrated in Kiev against the government and the anti-EU course” on which it is embarked, reports Tageszeitung. President Viktor “Yanukovych has attracted the ire of large numbers Ukrainians by giving in to Russian pressure not to sign the association agreement that has long been negotiated with the EU,” explains the daily. Reporting on the protest on December 1, the newspaper notes that in the demonstration which was —

… the biggest in Ukraine since the Orange Revolution nine years ago, approximately 350,000 people demanded the resignation of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. The march transformed the centre of Kiev into a sea of blue and gold symbolising both Ukraine and the European Union.

The newspaper also points out that the demonstrations are continuing on December 2, notably in the capital’s Independence Square, where several thousand opponents of the government camped out on Sunday night.

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