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The Mountain Pass of Solidarity

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The refugees depart from Bardonecchia, the nearest station to Col de l’Échelle, a mountain pass which will take them to France. Since the risk of an avalanche is high, Swiss and Italian activists make sure the trails are safe.

The migrants’ lack of experience and equipment is also an issue, as well as the glacial temperatures, and the fact that journeys are usually undertaken by night. Refugees have already lost their lives in these mountains, while others reach French territory with injuries.

Once in Brainçon, they are met by the “Refuge Solidaire”, an emergency reception site which for the last three years has offered food, shelter, medical care and clothes, as well as legal advice and moral and psychological support. Briançon’s new conservative mayor, who intended to close the refuge by October 28 2020 at the latest, gave up on his plans for another six months after massive protests.   

Under the direction of Constance Decorde.

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