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Day 1

13 March, 2020

My decision was immediate.

The virus is now spreading throughout Swedish society. It has been established without any doubt. I have practically lived with you since Christmas already, while waiting for you to get a place at a dementia care home. But after a long independent life, you would rather continue your life here, at home, and you’ve just turned down the third offer from the municipality. That was probably a good place, perfectly okay. I had a look at it. You didn’t even want to enter, sat outside. I started crying in the head nurse’s room. Afterwards, I regret exposing myself like that, thinking that it’s not a good start. Not at all. So, I accept your “No”, legitimize it. At the same time, I know that the situation is no longer manageable, it’s getting impossible. We must find a solution.

Then, suddenly, the virus changes everything. I shut down my own house in Stockholm, ask the neighbour to water the plants and take care of the mail and I move 330 kilometers south. I move. Home to you. To the room where I grew up, as a little girl. Su…

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