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Quo vadis Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, after Biden’s win?

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How will the outcome of the US elections impact on democratic reform in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia? These​and related questions were addressed in the second in the Quo vadis? conference series organised by New Europeans Kiev.

At the start of the conference, Olga Zubrilova, a democracy activist in Belarus and Ekaterina Zuizuik from the Belarus Diaspora were presented with the New European of the Year Award to The Women of the Belarus Opposition’.

The conference examined the state of democracy in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia and the prospects for change in the wake of the US elections. How will the crisis unfold as protests and violent repression continues to mount in Belarus? Are the regional elections that took place in Russia in September building a momentum for change? Is democracy taking root in Ukraine? What are the prospects for change following the election of Joe Biden?​

The  international panel included: Olivier Védrine, New Europeans Kiev (Moderator); Pavlo Klimkin, former Foreign Minister of Ukraine,; Aleksandra Klitina, former Minister of Infrastructure, Ukraine; Ilya Ponomarev, the only Russian MP to vote against the annexation of Crimea; Ambassador John Herbst, The Atlantic Council, Washington; Mary Dejevsky, The Independent, London; Kateryna Odarchenko, Political consultant, Kiev; Christophe Nonnenmacher, Pôle Européen d’Administration Publique, Strasbourg; Anna Zafesova, La Stampa, Turin; Prof. Bill Bowring, Human rights campaigner; Dr Wolfgang Ressmann, Project Media Dialogue, Germany; Maria Laura Franciosi,  Brussels Press Club Europe; Andreas Umland, Swedish Institute of International Affairs​.

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