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“In Belarus, we are already living in a new society”

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As the corona pandemic hit Europe earlier this year, Voxeurop entered a cooperation with Debates on Europe, publishing essays and online conversations, focussing on current societal challenges and political developments in cities across Europe. This autumn, “Debates Digital: Text & Talks” continue with a series of one-on-one conversations, revisiting some European hotspots to reassess the situation.

First out is Iryna Vidanava, publisher and media expert in Minsk. Speaking about the protests that have rocked Belarus these past months, her message to people and politicians in Europe is clear: Don’t forget that this is about Human Rights, not geopolitics. “We already live in a new country, even if the regime is still old and still there,” she tells Debates on Europe’s Carl Henrik Fredriksson.

Check the previous articles and video discussion by and with Iryna Vidanava on the protests in Belarus.

This article is part of the Debates Digital project, a series of digitally published content including texts and live discussions by some of the outstanding writers, scholars and public intellectuals who are part of the Debates on Europe network.

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