Diplomacy: ‘Syria: Hollande trapped’ | VoxEurop.eu: European news, cartoons and press reviews

“Having rallied to the call for immediate strikes on Bashar al-Assad, the head of state has been forced to put away his sword in the wake of Barack Obama’s decision [on August 31] to hold a vote in Congress, which is in recess until September 9,” notes Le Figaro. For the conservative daily, François Hollande is now faced with a context in which he must be feeling “very much alone.”

Following the British parliament’s refusal to endorse UK intervention in Syria, the French president had confirmed his intention to stand with the US and its plan for military action to punish the Damascus dictator.

In its editorial, Le Figaro remarks on —

… the increasingly vocal criticism from the opposition which is demanding a vote in parliament. […] As a result, Hollande has fallen into a trap on the internal political front while finding himself very isolated externally.

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