American Eavesdropping: ‘NSA spied on 60m phone calls in just one month in Spain’

El Mundo has obtained access to a document entitled “Spain — last 30 days,” which shows the flow of calls intercepted by the American NSA between December 10, 2012, and January 8, 2013. On December 11, a day when the flow was “at its highest”, 3.5 million phone calls were recorded, reports the daily.

Violation of privacy is “a crime under the [Spanish] Penal Code,” adds El Mundo, which claims that it has exclusive rights to publish the documents concerning Spain disclosed by former NSA agent, Edward Snowden. For the outraged newspaper, the revelations —

… require a convincing response from the authorities […] Mariano Rajoy should join with the initiatives taken by France and Germany […] and the state prosecutor should today take action against the NSA for violating the privacy of millions of Spanish citizens.

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