United Kingdom: Some clone’s milk in your tea?

“100 clone cows on UK farms,” headlines the Daily Mail, following revelations that milk from a cow born to a clone has illegally gone into high street shops without special labelling. The London daily further reports that eight direct offspring of the cloned cow have gone on to produce a further 97 animals: “Worryingly for opponents of clone farming, there is currently no legislation against meat and milk from this next generation being supplied to UK consumers without special labelling.”

In the Guardian, science author Johnjoe McFadden argues that fear of GM milk is “more science fiction than fact.” “But the fact is that millions of tons of GM food (mostly crops) have been consumed by people around the world for more than a decade. As far as is known, no one has ever died or even got sick from eating GM food.”

Factual or translation error? Tell us.

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