Tax avoidance: Why Poland doesn’t make money out of Google or Apple

Judging by the taxes paid by Apple and Google in Poland, you might think that their parent companies are running a tiny operation selling goods out of a garage, writes Gazeta Wyborcza.

According to the National Court Register (KRS), which keeps records on all companies trading in Poland, Apple Poland’s annual revenue was 13.8m zlotys (€3.45m) while Google Poland earned 139m zlotys.

As a result, both companies pay annual taxes worth 1.1m zlotys and 3.6m zlotys respectively. The Warsaw daily notes, however, that the real value of products sold annually by Apple and Google in Poland is estimated at near 1bn zlotys, adding –

if Apple and Google paid income tax on all revenues received in Poland, the figures would have been more than a dozen times higher compared to those revealed by the KRS.

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