Food: GMO honey banned in Europe

“Bitter honey for the GMO lobby,” quips the Tageszeitungon its front page following the ban brought down by the European Court of Justice on honey containing traces – even minute ones – of genetically modified organisms. “The ruling is a slap in the face for the European Commission, which has left no stone unturned for years to help transgenic agriculture break through into the market – against the wishes of consumers,” writes the TAZ. “

In Brussels, other proposals for directives are still in the drawers. But with this ruling the Court of Justice has reminded the EU that things are not ‘as simple as that,’” writes the TAZ, which is pleased with the ruling. For the alternative Berlin daily, the decision will slow the “creeping contamination of our food” by GMOs. Importing honey from the United States, Canada, Argentina or Brazil, countries with no regulations on the subject, will now be virtually impossible.

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