Where voters disagree

A Rewb

Honestly, the thing people worry and care about is whether or not their children will grow up in a safe environment, not new Islamabad or whatever.

Pensions are already gone, democracy is already gone, now the EU is working hard to destroy our once civilized culture. Its one big shame.

Posted on 1/23/19 | 9:01 AM CET

Ageing Andrew

This article highlights the figures for voter participation across the EU and can only come to one conclusion: Citizens throughout Europe do not care about nor value the EU, nor value the EU’s influence in their lives. Citizens clearly do not trust the EU enough to participate in its elections. This is clearly exemplified by the story about the German MEP Brok profiteering and lining his own pockets on the EU gravy train.
The figures in the article scream for less EU in our lives; the EU parliament is too big and too opaque in its operations and has no real popular support.

Posted on 1/23/19 | 9:50 AM CET

Mario Lobo

Politico should be more accurate.
This piece is about European Union and not about Europe.
The Brusselcentric political theory should be abandoned already.

Posted on 1/23/19 | 11:31 AM CET