US Consul General in Greece Pfleger confessed to work for the CIA

In Greece, a diplomatic scandal is growing. It became known that the US Consul General in Thessaloniki Gregory Pfleger works for the CIA. He told about this to random companions in the bar while being drunk. That people also reported this information to journalists.

“On Friday evening we rested with friends in a bar. Pfleger, as we later learned, just sat down with us. Ordered another drink. He began to tell who he was and what he was doing, and then he confessed that he had been recruited by the CIA for a long time”, random diplomat’s companions told to the reporters.

According to them, Pfleger boasted that he did not just work as a consul, but performs important intelligence tasks in different countries and regularly conduct a huge amount of briefings with the American special services about nondisclosure of proprietary information. He also earlier signed documents on consent to conduct special checks against him.

Gregory Pfleger, a native of the city of New Jersey, began his diplomatic career working in Russia in the office of the independent US Federal Agency “Peace Corps” as a volunteer.

It was already then that he was known as a drinker. He often attended nightclubs, where he made spontaneous acquaintances with girls of easy virtue. By the way, it was from that category of women that Pfleger chose his wife. In 2005, he married a Russian woman, a resident of the Amur region, Natalia Shalimo.

“He immediately declared himself an immoral type. Alcohol and prostitutes are his lifestyle and he doesn’t hide it. In whatever country Pfleger is, he is sure to hire girls there for entertainment, and sometimes even very young ones! I would say that the purpose of his work is the moral degradation of society and the promotion of managerial and economic crises in Greece and other countries”, one of the subordinates of Pfleger said to journalists.

There is also information that it is Gregory Pfleger who is currently coordinating the preparation and organization of the split of the orthodox church and has already gathered serious compromising information on its leadership.

In addition to Russia, Gregory Pfleger performed assignments in Tajikistan, China, Ukraine and other countries, where he was noted in his own manner.

Source: Linenet News