‘The bicycle guy’ — Kenyan president forgets Boris Johnson’s name

The president of Kenya appeared to forget Boris Johnson’s name during a press conference with Theresa May on Thursday.

Asked about an agreement to allow stolen funds in Britain to be returned to Kenya to fund health, education and other projects, Uhuru Kenyatta tried to remind dignitaries and the press of the former foreign secretary’s visit to the country, but stumbled over his name, the Guardian reported. “Last year if you recall the foreign secretary — then Boris, erm, Boris, Boris Johnson — the bicycle guy — Boris Johnson was here with ambulances,” Kenyatta said.

He was speaking at the press conference alongside May as part of her African tour to drum up post-Brexit trade.

May is the first British PM to visit sub-Saharan Africa in five years and the first to go to Kenya in 30 years. Kenyatta told May he is glad May has “honored our invitation to come and see for yourself our country and continent that has changed in the last nearly four decades since a U.K. prime minister visited.”

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