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Merkel, Macron pledge to take joint ‘responsibility’ for Europe’s future

by host

Team Macerkal… It’s not just the UK thats being shafted !

Posted on 11/18/18 | 7:33 PM CET

Geza K

Two fallen people want to drive the Eu?

Posted on 11/18/18 | 7:36 PM CET

Viliam Sinka

M2: Let us subjugate Europe this time together!

Posted on 11/18/18 | 7:41 PM CET

bob rob

who’s the small stooge on the left hahahaha

Posted on 11/18/18 | 7:55 PM CET

Steuersklav Erei

Leaders of 140 million Europeans modestly claiming to lead ‘Europe’ (some 700 million Europeans). Maybe this modesty is a new fashion? Let’s wait for Mexico to claim leadership of North America, and New Zealand of Australasia.

Posted on 11/18/18 | 8:23 PM CET

Peter (The Grumpy one)

Let’s all take a moment to think of all the poor deluded Europeans who still think they are part of a democratic union of sovereign nations.

Posted on 11/18/18 | 8:26 PM CET

Tony Browne


Two relevant quotes made previously by that bastion of democracy; Juncker

On the introduction of the euro “We decide on something, leave it lying around, and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.”

On Eurozone economic policy and democracy “We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we’ve done it”

Posted on 11/18/18 | 8:38 PM CET

Donal O’Brien

Att Comment

Dear Politico

Responsibility now here is a Word that Vivicious M has absolute no Idea about
She has been responsible for Total upheavel in her own Country not to Mind the Rest of Europe
With respect we will not Talk of the Loss of Life

As for Loverboy Responsibility he wouldn’t even know how to Spell it
His rating at home in France is so low now people are calling him derogeraty names to his Face
Even members of his Government but there Eyes to the Heaven’s when he opens his Mouth it sounds so False


Cheers for Brexit
Donal O’Brien

Posted on 11/18/18 | 9:00 PM CET

e c

Last time Germany decided to take ‘responsibility’ for Europe in 1914-18 and 1939-45 it didn’t end well neither for Europe neither for Germany.
Even though last time French collaborators, that Macron decided to celebrate this year by the way, helped them a lot.

Posted on 11/18/18 | 9:04 PM CET

Arturo A Costantino

Macron is not so much Father of the Gods as sulky boyfriend.

Posted on 11/18/18 | 9:11 PM CET

stuart hall

We will resurrect the Franco-Prussian Empire.
We need no votes just obey.
We will not favour our nations. All will suffer equally.

Posted on 11/18/18 | 10:00 PM CET

Craig Purcell

One must wonder if these two will be around in the near future.

Posted on 11/18/18 | 11:06 PM CET

Sherrod Tyler

Steuersklav Erei The EU has a population of about 500M people, and that’s before Brexit. Also, people have to decide if they want a federal Europe where decisions are made by a central authority in Brussels voted for by everyone in the EU, or a Europe of nation states where by definition the strongest/largest nation states will have the most influence.

Posted on 11/18/18 | 11:40 PM CET

Jacques Boote

Phkin ell, please, who do they think is going to pay for it?

@e c. Actually it was 1914 to 1945 (non stop) because the people of Germany didn’t think the treaty was fair. Sound familiar?

Posted on 11/18/18 | 11:41 PM CET

Sancho Panza

Thank phuck we are in the safe hands of the most unpopular leaders there has ever been.

Posted on 11/18/18 | 11:53 PM CET

Steuersklav Erei

@ Sherrod Tyler

Sorry but my comment responds to the headline and the emphasis of the story. Merkel and Macron are reported several times as wanting to lead ‘Europe’. Europe is much bigger than the EU. And Europe will become even bigger than the EU after Brexit.

Posted on 11/19/18 | 12:39 AM CET

Henk Crop

Will the European Union now be replaced by a Franco-German Union ?
That is 31 % of the EU population will govern the other 69 % ?

They can tap from the EU budget if they comply by the strict rules.
Which is something Germany and France have not always done.

Posted on 11/19/18 | 12:51 AM CET

Corni Tim

M&M lost the last shred of decency if they ever had any.

Posted on 11/19/18 | 1:33 AM CET


One’s a lame duck and the other only got elected because Establishment wanted to stop Le Pen at all cost and they claim to be leaders of EU.

Posted on 11/19/18 | 2:02 AM CET

Gerry Hofman

No matter how spiteful the little Brits may get over this, for Europe it is great news. Assuming responsibility is where it all starts, and having two great leaders able to see over the limits of their national borders, brings hope to us all. There is a future ahead and there is a road to get there.

Posted on 11/19/18 | 2:31 AM CET

peter lintner

Macron with his plunging approval ratings is surely the best person to talk about the future of Europe. Let´s place bets, who´s gonna last longer, Macron or Merkel?

Posted on 11/19/18 | 3:23 AM CET

contango one

so why would anyone wanna hear anything two lame ducks have to say that are not gonna be anywhere to be found by the end of next summer

Posted on 11/19/18 | 7:02 AM CET

contango one

@ Peter

macron will last a bit longer
merkel is dead n burried by spring

Posted on 11/19/18 | 7:06 AM CET