80 percent of EU citizens want to scrap daylight savings: report

A vast majority of EU citizens want to scrap daylight savings rules and stop changing their clocks twice a year, German media reported Wednesday.

Some 80 percent of respondents of a public consultation launched by the European Commission last month said they would support abolishing daylight savings, according to Westfalenpost.

The Commission launched the consultation as part of its review of the EU summer time directive. It has not provided details on its outcome, but has said some 4.6 million EU citizens participated.

European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc will inform commissioners of the results this week and compile a formal report ahead of consultations with the European Parliament and relevant stakeholders, according to a Commission spokesperson.

The consultation, which isn’t binding, followed a February request from the European Parliament to carry out a “thorough assessment” of summer time arrangements, despite the decades-old practice of putting the clocks forward by an hour between March and October.

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