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What’s in store for Europe in 2024?

What’s in store for Europe in 2024?

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This isn’t just any new year — 2024 in the political calendar means mega elections in Europe, the U.S., the U.K. and beyond. Our EU Confidential crew predicts how these elections could impact pressing issues around the European Union.

Bringing together the collective knowledge of some of POLITICO’s best and brightest reporters — Barbara Moens, Clea Caulcutt and Hans von der Burchard — we discuss the June vote that could see 400 million Europeans take part, the top EU jobs up for grabs, the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU which started on January 1 and the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

Later, host Sarah Wheaton is joined by POLITICO’s senior policy editor and defense expert Jan Cienski to talk about the future of the war in Ukraine, Kyiv’s fears over the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, the ongoing conflict in Gaza, as well as Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s Herculean tasks after Poland’s recent elections.

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