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Restaurant review: El Quetzal – POLITICO

Restaurant review: El Quetzal – POLITICO

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What’s not? The prices for some of the main courses are not the cheapest, especially considering the portion sizes.

Vibe: From the outside, El Quetzal is almost hard to spot, only noticeable because of the Mexican flag hanging above the door. But once inside, the vibe is much different: colorful tablecloths and décor, upbeat music, pleasant chatter and extremely kind staff make for a great dining experience.

Who’s picking up the check? A plate of three tacos will cost anywhere from €17 to €20. Similarly, the enchiladas cost €16-€17, but they offer much more food for the price. There are some cheaper options at lunch, such as the burrito, which costs €13.

Spotted: El Quetzal is right in the middle of the EU bubble, so it’s regularly visited by an international expat crowd.

Insider tip: You can book El Quetzal for large parties, so don’t sleep on this opportunity.

Fun fact: Quetzals are large birds found in Mexico and Central America, known for their vibrant colors. A beautiful illustration of the bird is the logo of the restaurant.

How to get there: It’s just a few minutes walk from the Berlaymont and Schuman metro station.

— Review published on February 22, 2024. Illustration by Dato Paruvala for POLITICO.

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