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Leaders fail to agree on von der Leyen’s second term  – POLITICO

Leaders fail to agree on von der Leyen’s second term  – POLITICO

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After Macron’s party was trounced by the far right in the election, his decision to dissolve the French parliament and call snap elections had seemingly sped up discussions on top jobs. Typically, these discussions take weeks.

In recent weeks, other European leaders also stressed the need for continuity given Russia’s war in Ukraine and the potential return of former U.S. President Donald Trump. 

But hopes of a quick deal evaporated Monday night as the European People’s Party, the winner of the European Parliament election, asked for more concessions and more power among the top jobs roles. As expected, the EPP wanted to re-appoint von der Leyen and Metsola, both of whom belong to their political family. In addition, they proposed to the socialists that the European Council president’s term be split into two 2.5-year chunks — and the EPP would get one of them.

This, in turn, irked the socialists, who were hoping to clinch the job for Costa.

Speaking at the G7 late last week, the French president, who is one of the key brokers in the top jobs deal, said he believed Monday’s talks could deliver an in-principle decision.  

“It’s a discussion that takes place among the 27; we’ve called each other; [a deal] appears possible in the days that come, in the week that comes,” Macron said.

Scholz echoed those comments later, saying he believed a decision on Brussels’ top jobs would come swiftly. “Decisions will now be made very quickly on the most important posts that need to be filled in Europe in order for the European Union to be able to act,” Scholz said in an interview with Axel Springer media outlets on the sidelines of the G7. 

EU leaders will now reconvene in Brussels on June 27-28, hoping to find agreement on the bloc’s leaders before a vote on the next Commission president by the European Parliament slated for mid-July.

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