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Heed our words, not our actions – POLITICO

Heed our words, not our actions – POLITICO

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He also urged the Biden administration to send longer-range artillery and accelerate F-16 fighter jet training for the Ukrainians — a call the White House can’t answer until the blocked supplemental bill is passed.

“It is clear Ukrainians appreciate the United States’ support. I know Americans want to help our friends and allies, but I also believe we must consider our economic situation as we help others,” Graham said.

Ukraine’s needs

On Tuesday, Ukraine came to the 20th meeting of the Ramstein format with a laundry list of asks including more air defense systems and missiles; long-range missiles; artillery ammunition; modern electronic warfare systems; and armored vehicles, the Ukrainian defense ministry said.

“It’s not surprising that Ukraine requires more and quicker military aid from its partners. We have increased our own defense output threefold from last year and will increase it sixfold this year,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said during a virtual press conference on Tuesday. “The scale of war is enormous, which is why we still require military supplies from allies.”

Ukraine did come out of the meeting with a new €500 million military aid package from Germany and more pledges from Poland and other members of the coalition.

European allies have significantly ramped up military production and purchases of ammunition from third countries to help Ukraine, helping fill the gap caused by the U.S. delay. But that doesn’t end the need for U.S. support, Kuleba said.

“This is about trust in the capacity of the United States to support the countries that stand by the same rules and principles as the United States, to defend all over the world. It’s broader than just being about Ukraine.”

Veronika Melkozerova reported from Kyiv, Laura Kayali reported from Ramstein Air Base, Paul McLeary reported from Washington.

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