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Croatian authorities rule out Coca-Cola poisonings

Croatian authorities rule out Coca-Cola poisonings

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Coca-Cola drinks are safe to consume and haven’t been poisoned, Croatia’s health minister said on Thursday, following a spate of reported illnesses over the past week.

Croatian Minister for Health Vili Beroš said 45 people had reported falling ill and presented to emergency departments across the country after drinking Coca-Cola products — but there was only one case where someone was actually poisoned.

Testing of the beverage in that case — Römerquelle, a brand of flavored mineral water owned by Coca-Cola — showed it contained “a detergent and/or degreaser,” Beroš said. The patient was “seriously injured” and is receiving treatment in hospital, with a criminal investigation ongoing.

All other reported poisonings were most likely false alarms or unrelated to drinking Coca-Cola fizzy drinks, Beroš said, with testing showing the beverages were safe.

“It is not good to fall for false messages, it contributes to the spread of panic and fear,” he said — having earlier told Croatians it was “best to drink water.”

Earlier this week, Croatia banned the sale of some Coca-Cola products after several people reportedly fell ill, with photos shared online showing empty shelves in supermarkets and restaurants.

In a statement Thursday, Coca-Cola HBC said: “We welcome the clarity that the test results will bring for our consumers and customers after the uncertainty of the last few days.”

Although sodas have been proven safe to drink, Beroš recommended the public still “drink tap water,” adding: “It is the healthiest drink.”

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