Greek Crisis: ‘Greece and euroland: A battle for credibility’

More billions of euros in aid is not the only thing Greece and the Eurozone are scuffling about as credibility is even more important, writes Rzeczpospolita. The Warsaw’s daily stresses that saving credibility is particularly essential for Chancellor Angela Merkel, the main advocate of the bailout plans offered so far to Greece –

Merkel has to defend her politics [towards Greece] in Germany as well as in Europe and must prove that euroland is alive and so are its rules. At this stage, it means resisting negotiations of any possible future compromises with the Greeks. At the other extreme of credibility is the Greek government. PM Alexis Tsipras is seen in Europe as totally unpredictable. He is sending new proposals to Brussels that nobody believes in. Maybe he is afraid of Greece entering unchartered waters of bankruptcy or maybe he fears for the result of the referendum in which distressed Greeks may not want to turn their backs on the euroland.

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